PLN – What POPs to mind?

Our assignment this week is CEP810 was to do something thinking about our personal learning networks (PLNs). I laid out the little web above using a tool called, Popplet, to give myself of visual of my current PLN, and then I started doing some reflecting on what this means. Basically, up to this point, I have had a fairly limited PLN. It hasn’t really been so much a network, as much as stuff I do. A network would involve give and take, mostly I just take. I research, and then I use stuff. Not much of my time is spent sharing or in discourse about what is happening in my classroom.

That is what I would like to work on during this summer. I know there are a bunch of great educators out there doing great things. I want to really delve into Twitter (something I’ve been meaning to do for years), and establish a solid PLN that will push my teaching and my thinking.

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